Sometimes The Perfect Sound Is Not Captured In A Room

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There are many types of audio performances that are done by musicians all over the world. Some are live, on a stage. Some are open air concerts. Some sing their songs in the basement of their houses, or in their garages. Yet others, in the traditional way, are captured in professional confines.
Yes, creating music in music recording studios is the time tested, sure fire way of capturing the perfect sound. It is no wonder, because these rooms are built with only that purpose in mind. Their walls and floors are made or covered in materials such as wood and carpeting which absorbs sound instead of letting it bounce off the walls. Therefore, no echoing of sounds is captured on tape (or disk, to be more time centric). They provide the perfect lighting, by which to set the mood for the artists, for them to read their manuscripts, as well as to observe the guidance provided to them by their conductor. The audio capture, editing and enhancing equipment is already in place, in every sense of the phrase, because even the physical positioning of each instrument and each voice makes a difference.

But what if, after all that, the best music recording studios in Sydney is unable to capture the essence and magic, indeed, what is known as “the sound” that you are trying to create?

Sometimes, the true essence of the clip can only be captured in the natural environment within which is was first perfected. This is why, some famous songs are those that have been created live while on stage (for example, the Eagle’s rendition of “Hotel California”), where the professional recording done surrounded by acoustically perfect equipment actually pales in comparison.

While we are proud of the perfection that we have brought in to our two high quality audio capturing facilities in our modest premises in the beautiful Blue Mountain ranges in New South Wales, we are not limited to carrying out all our work in these strict confines. No one knows your composition, and indeed, your ideas better than you yourself, and should you feel that making the audio cuts in informal environments such as a meadow, or by a bubbling brook, then we will do our part by bringing our equipment and expertise to you.

Please ensure that you speak to us for a highly personalized quotation of what we can offer in terms of timings, equipment, technical specialists and locations. Every artist is unique, and we strive to celebrate that uniqueness as we have seen time and again, how stifling that individuality only hampers the end result.